Chapter 4: Displaying Tabular Data

Many times when creating a new site or a design, you can get caught up in making sure that the colors are just right or that the images have just enough treatment to tie everything together. It becomes so easy to get caught up in the nuances of creating or selling "the vision" that some things, like displaying a table of data, becomes a last minute priority. Previously that has not been much of a problem. You could simply throw data in a table and either the screen would be big enough to display the information or the user could "scroll" to see the entire table. When dealing with mobile devices, this is no longer the easy solution it once was.

In this chapter, you learn some different approaches to dealing with tabular data and displaying them to users without relying on them to have huge screens to see all the data.

Download Code

Code samples for this chapter include a few HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and image files that can be used on a webserver.