Chapter 1: Content Matters

The most important step in creating a responsive site is often the most overlooked. Many designers like to begin work with mood-boards, wireframes, or even in-browser working prototypes. All of these are useful in the design process and definitely should have a place in your workflow; however, a question that you should start asking immediately is what is the real purpose behind your design.

The message, both through the use of copy and visuals is what makes up the content of your site. Content is crucial to delivering a site that not only performs but that also converts well. Whether you are creating a site that is selling a service, a product, or an enterprise eCommerce solution, the content that you deliver will be the driving force that motivates users to sign-up, use, recommend, and encourage their friends to use.

This chapter discusses the various facets of content creation and delivery.

This chapter discusses content planning and does not include any sample code.